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Sweet jewelry~!! (cupcakes and ice cream rings) mmm P:

I haven't posted here in a while but here are some cute rings I worked on and sold/selling.

My first batch:

These were fun to make and stand at a little less than an inch tall.

My second batch:

These rings are a litte more complex and bigger in size(about an inch in height). I was originally going to turn these into necklaces but the eye pin holes were too small for the chain. :/

Here are ice cream scoop rings I've made!

Also, here's a nice review my first online customer made about my rings. Thank you so much, cami_s!!

bunny, cherry, berry

My Second Lolita Dress -- Red Plaid

I made this a while ago but never put it on livejournal. I really love plaid and like how this jsk turned out. However, I made another dress recently that came out even better. I'll post it once I take a picture. I really wanna invest in a dressform tho..

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Hajimete deco~♡

The other day I tried to make some cute deco rings. It's my first time attempting this so it took me a few tries to get the whip cream just right but I'm happy with the results! :3

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