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Miss Candyholic

Welcome to my fluffy world~♡

Hello everyone, my name is Bianca and I am an overall artist. I enjoy every form of art from drawing, to sewing my own clothes, to making jewlery, and playing guitar and piano. I love the feeling of working with my hands in order to create something no one can ever replicate.

Growing up I've been exposed to Japanese culture and fell in love with the country at a young age. Like many nerdlets, I read manga and watch anime, but I am also in the process of teaching myself Japanese. One day I hope to visit Japan and study abroad there in college.

Speaking of college, I want to major in filmmaking. Film is a way to express myself and be a writer, fashion designer, musician, and visual artist all in one. My dream would be to work with Disney Channel and create television shows and movies for them. Also, I would love to create live action movies from various anime and mangas.

Just by looking at me it's easy to tell that I'm obsessed with anything and everything adorable. I dress in lolita fashion on a daily basis and just started making my own deco jewelry. I've had some art commissions in the past but I never made anything official. My goal is to develop a website selling cute hats, bows, clothes, and accessories to people around the world.

In conclusion, if you'd like to get to know me just talk to me! I'm a nice person and hope to make lots of new friends with you all~♡